Our creators make the magic happen, they're a talented bunch of Sound Designers, Voice Artists and Story Writers from all around the world.

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Justin Graham | Sound Designer
Music producer and sound designer from Bend, OR. I am an avid gamer and I love to travel!

Constantin Nicolescu | Sound Designer
Constantin is a music producer and sound designer from Bucharest, constantly releasing Hip-Hop infused music as Soulspark while working on various mix, master and sound design projects as a freelancer

Alistair McMillan | Voice Artist
Alistair is a British male voiceover artist from the UK. He has narrated audiobook titles for Audible and works on a number of corporate and creative projects both in the UK and internationally

Aleksander Kaczmarek | Sound Designer
Aleksander is a sound designer and music composer from Poland, currently living in Glasgow. Apart from audio, Alek is also interested in cinema, video games, virtual reality and installation art

Linus Johnsson | Sound Designer
Linus is a composer and sound designer from Sweden currently residing in the UK. An avid gamer with a passion for all things audio

Torii Alaniz | Voice Artist
A professionally trained audio actor, Torii specialises in Audiobook Narration portraying characters of all ages and genders. She has lent her naturally youthful voice to hundreds of projects from Video Games to Commercials, and her signature sound has been described as youthful, bright, and friendly

Daniel Morrison Neil | Sound Designer
Composer, sound designer, and dubbing mixer from Glasgow. Daniel has a keen interest between the relationship of immersion and presence that can be explained through music, audio visual formats, or sound design alone

Tim Stephenson | Voice Artist
Voice actor Tim Stephenson here. I have a wide vocal range. Confidence, oozing with gravitas... or Warm and comforting? Wise and reflective? Compassionate and caring? Or weatherworn, gruff and gravelly?

Bruno Cancel | Sound Designer
Bruno is an electronic music composer and sound designer. A true French artist of immersive sound, he regularly composes 3D sound works to play on sensations and surprise his audience. Discover his original creations on our platform!

Maël Hanet | Sound Designer
Maël Hanet is a French sound designer who recently graduated from a MSc Audio Production at The University of Salford, Manchester, UK. Passionate about immersing the audience into a soundscape, Maël specialises in designing 3D audio contents using binaural rendering methods. In his spare time, Maël likes to play guitar and to produce lo-fi beats.

Tommi Seppälä | Sound Designer
Tommi is an audio engineer from Finland, as well as a videographer and editor. Loves nature and the tranquility that nature brings. Also a farmer in a 300 year old farm. He has been interested in immersive audio for many years.

Jan Schulten | Sound Designer
Jan is a sound designer from Germany. His passion are immersive worlds and everything around sound. After studying film & sound in dortmund, he is mostly active in virtual reality, art, theater and music. His productions are mainly about hyperrealism, merging and contrasting virtual and real worlds, and storytelling with immersive audio.

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