From time to time we take a break from producing magical audible experiences to create some traditional written content. Scroll down for our ramblings.

When we first founded Ammersive, we asked ourselves what our ultimate ambition for the company is. Was it becoming the Netflix of Immersive Audio? Was it gaining as many users as Audible, Calm or Spotify? We found none of this truly inspiring.
Founders' Story
As with everything in life, Ammersive started as an idea and this is the story of how Ammersive came to be from one of the Co-Founders, Jamie Bell.
What makes audio 'immersive'?
Let’s begin by defining the word ‘Immersive’. Here’s the one I like the most because it makes it easy to imagine how it can be applied to audio: “Providing, involving, or characterised by deep absorption or immersion in something (such as an activity or a real or artificial environment”. Techniques to bring immersive experiences to people have typically been using visual formats in the past, such as cinema and Virtual Reality (VR) more recently; Star Trek and Avatar are wonderfully crafted examples of this.