December 20, 2022

When we first founded Ammersive, we asked ourselves what our ultimate ambition for the company is. Was it becoming the Netflix of Immersive Audio? Was it gaining as many users as Audible, Calm or Spotify? We found none of this truly inspiring.

We soon realised that our passions were centred on creating unique experiences and fostering a sense of community.

This led to the idea of Ammersiveland.

Ammersiveland is a place. Think of it a bit like a theme park where the boundaries of human experience are pushed to their limits utilising the latest technology and curated spaces with meticulous attention to detail to immerse its visitors.

Could we make people feel as though they have gone back in time? Or time travelled to the future? Could we create sensations of disbelief and put on shows that are simply out of this world? How could we bring people together in creative ways instilling a sense of shared belonging? Guaranteeing visitors once in a lifetime experiences and memories they can take to the grave.

For when we look back on life, it is not the wealth or belongings we accumulate but the memories and relationships we make along the way.

Ammersiveland will be a destination every human being on the planet will want to visit. A piece of heaven on earth where we escape the mundane, to unwind, to experience something new or perhaps to just let go. The possibilities at Ammersiveland are endless and the ideas of what we will do for our visitors inspire us each day.

Is Ammersiveland a vision? A dream? Or an inevitable future?

We may begin as an app, but with the power of our community we believe we can turn Ammersiveland into a reality.

We hope you join us on this journey.

So what could some of the 'attractions' at Ammersiveland look like?

Swinging Sixties

Concept 1: Swinging 60s town

We've all heard about how amazing the 60's were - so let's relive them.

At Ammersiveland there is a whole street size area set up where every inch is an authentic replica of what would have been present in the 60s. Famous Hollywood set designers have created Ammersivelands 60's zone with incredible realism. Visitors are required to dress in genuine 60s outfits to ensure ultimate experience authenticity for all guests.

The shops, food and amenities are all as they would have been offered at the time and you may find live actors playing out notable events from the era. Some of the worlds best 60s tribute acts play in the various live music venues. See if you can spot the professional 60's dancers? Or perhaps you have your own moves to offer... Groovy baby!

Guests are also required to put their phones in dedicated lockers to ensure a full immersive experience for all guests and to ensure accurate representation of the time period - who knows - you may enjoy the break from the tech!

Concept 2: Sensory Room

Ever had all of your senses stimulated in carefully curated way to maximise the enjoyment?

One of Ammersiveland's favourite attractions is it's sensory room, where every individual selects the right experience for them. Every sense is stimulated simultaneously to create a truly unique and indulgent experience.

Put on your augmented reality headset with your headphones on and enjoy being guided through the bespoke selection of edible treats and scents whilst experiencing the sensation of touch from dedicated massage and sensation therapist.

Some people prefer a terrifically tingly experience whilst others prefer a soothing and relaxing immersion.

Whatever you choose, we just know you'll be dissappointed when your time is up - so enjoy it while it lasts...

Concept 3: 4027

Time travel to the future in Ammersivelands most impressive feat yet.

4027 brings the future closer. An incredible blend on holograms and augmented reality alongside real life futuristic structures and experiences have left visitors describing Ammersiveland's 4027 as if they are entering a real life video game.

To enhance the experience there are different missions and quests that visitors can undertake involving live actors as you interact with AI and some of the most impressive robotics we have ever seen.

4027 is constantly evolving using the latest technology and is often used as an event space to showcase the latest inventions and technological advancements.