Experience the Magic of Christmas with Ammersive's 3D Audio Experiences

December 21, 2022

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of year again, when we all come together to celebrate the festive season. Decorating the house, playing Christmas music and enjoying the company of family and friends are all part of the traditional festivities. But what if you want to enhance the festive experience with something a little different? 

Forget the standard Christmas carols! This year, why not try something truly magical with Ammersive’s Christmas 3D Audio Experiences? These immersive 3D audio experiences are designed to take you on a journey into the magical world of Christmas and help you escape the stresses of everyday life. 

The Ammersive Christmas 3D Audio Experiences are a collection of high quality 3D audio experiences that are designed to help you relax and get into the festive spirit. Each experience is unique and features a range of sounds, including bells, chimes, sleigh bells, carolers, and more, all blended together to create a truly immersive experience. The sounds are expertly crafted to create a unique atmosphere and help you feel like you are actually in the middle of a Christmas story. 

Get the Ammersive app now to enjoy:

  • Christmas is Coming: Santa and the Elves need your help to bring the Christmas Spirit meter back up!
  • German Christmas Market: Have your native personal tour guide take you round this festive market in Essen, Dusseldorf
  • Festive Medley: You’ll be getting festive tingles with this Christmas song
  • Christmas Carols by the fire: Fancy a cosy night by the fire listening to Christmas carols - we’ve got you!
  • Festive LoFi Beats: Our very own Soulspark has cooked up some festive 3D beats - lucky you!
  • Trip to The North Pole: Ever wanted to visit the North Pole? Perhaps this one is for you
  • Christmas in Finland: Intrigued to know what Christmas is like in Finland? Let us take you there.
  • A Meditation with Mrs. Claus: The festivities can be fun, but also quite stressful. Take some time for yourself this Christmas with this Meditation with Mrs Claus.

The 3D audio experiences are designed to be listened to with headphones, so you can really immerse yourself in the story and experience all the sounds and emotions of Christmas. Each experience is carefully crafted to evoke the emotions of the season, from the warmth and joy of family gatherings, to the peace and tranquility of a winter’s night. 

So this Christmas, why not try something new and truly magical? Ammersive’s Christmas 3D Audio Experiences are the perfect way to relax and get into the festive spirit. Not only do they provide an immersive audio experience, but they can also help you to relax and de-stress. Listening to the sounds of the season can help to reduce anxiety and stress, and can even improve your mood. 

So why not take a journey into the magical world of Christmas with Ammersive’s Christmas 3D Audio Experiences? Whether you’re looking for a way to relax and de-stress, or just want to get into the festive spirit, these 3D audio experiences are sure to make your Christmas extra special.


21 Dec: Rudolf’s Journey 

22 Dec: Franz

23 Dec: Santa’s Christmas Eve Journey

24 Dec: Twas The Night Before Christmas

24 Dec: Christmas Eve

26 Dec: Wonderment